On the Road…

When my kids were little, we made frequent drives from Tennessee to Texas and I was on alert more for their safety than for the desire to look for signs of trafficking in the people around me. That has changed in recent years. As I have learned more about trafficking than I ever wanted to … More On the Road…

Runaways at Risk

Today I am highlighting an article from Ohio. I will let you read it for yourself but one thing we need to understand is the huge risk runaways face for being trafficked. Too often, they go to someone they think they can trust to help them, only to be disappointed once again. This story involves … More Runaways at Risk

After the Storm

As I gaze at the hills surrounding my quiet little town, my heart is heavy. Just beyond those hills lie neighborhoods in pieces. Families broken. Lives taken with no warning. Nashville is bleeding, and it is not going to be an easy or quick fix. So much grief. I can’t wrap my mind around what … More After the Storm

Pray for Nashville

40 days-day 6 Today I am switching the focus of my Lenten writing. For now. Our beloved Nashville was hit hard last night by a tornado. The death toll is rising and tens of thousands are without power. My family and I are safe, living about twenty miles from the worst of the storm, but … More Pray for Nashville

In Utah. Babies.

40 days-Day 5 *TRIGGER WARNING* Buckle your seatbelt, it’s about to get real. So far I have shared mostly generalizations about the epidemic of Sex Trafficking in the United States. Today I will begin sharing a series of articles that I have saved in order to fuel my research into the next book I am … More In Utah. Babies.

Look Around You

40 days-Day 4 The article read like something you would expect in a foreign country… “The local investigation resulted after the Police Department became aware of a connection between a Massage parlor at 1234 Main Street in their city and another located at 1234 St. Andrews Drive, the neighboring town..¬†Arrested was Lucy Chang, who was … More Look Around You