BE the Church

We are just days from Christmas and I watched one of our favorite movies, “The Nativity Story,” with my family last night. It has become a yearly tradition, and every year I cry in the moment that Jesus emerges from Mary’s womb while light from Heaven fills the cave. Joseph’s eyes nearly pop out of … More BE the Church

Where are you?

This is a heatmap showing the locations of likely human trafficking cases in the United States. Where are you? I would wager that you are somewhere in the red zones, as is most of the population of our country. Human trafficking is everywhere that there are, well, humans. According to the website,, there has … More Where are you?

It's GO Time!

Today is the day! I have an incredible launch team, over 150 strong, and with their help your Facebook feed should be flooded with information and links to order my book, Paper Dolls: Trust Your Instincts, from Amazon. If you would like to join the team (and have opportunity to win prizes for participating) just … More It's GO Time!

Coming soon…

I remember a story I wrote in Junior High called “Allison the Talking Dog.” It was about a dog who watched so much TV with her owner that, you guessed it, she learned to talk. My teacher loved it. She praised my creativity and said my idea was unique and clever. That was the first … More Coming soon…